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How To Buy?
When will I get my refund?

How To Buy

Buy a product from GGShop Just follow the few simple steps mentioned below:

  • Find your desired product from our website
  • From the product page click on “Buy Now” if you just want a single product to order
  • Click on “Add To Cart” if you want to add more products to the cart.
  • After adding all of your desired products in Cart > Go to the cart > select the products you want to order.
  • Click on the “Proceed to Checkout” button
  • To proceed with payment click on the “Proceed to Pay” button > Select a payment option before clicking the “Confirm order“.

After confirming the order and completing the payment, you will get a confirmation notification from the website and by email to let you know that the order is successfully placed.

Payments & refunds

Our GGShop Refund section provides some clarity about when you’ll get the money and a reason for a possible delay.

When will I get my refund?

To check the status of your refund, please visit the order detail page.

Refunds are typically processed within 1-2 business days; however, in rare cases, it can take up to 5 business days for your account to receive the funds.

Possible Reasons for Refund Delay

If you are in a dispute with the seller, then we will hold your payment until the dispute gets resolved. In this case, the fastest way to get your money back is to resolve the dispute with the seller directly through our onsite messaging system.

If you would like to know more details about your refund, then submit a ticket to our Support Team, and include this:

  1. Order ID
  2. A brief description of the issue

Payment failed but I was charged

In general, the payment gets released back to you or voided on our end when the order fails. In rare cases, it might take up to 5 business days, especially if it’s a credit card, to receive a refund.

Please contact our Payments Team with your order ID and ask for a refund.